Barça, Barça, Barça!!!!

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Justin can’t believe he finally made it to an FC Barcelona game!

You soccer (or “fútbol”) addicts out there already know that the Barcelona Football Club is dominating the Spanish League this season, recovering the ground lost to Real Madrid, last season’s league champion.

Barça is arguably the best club team in the world and has held that honor for the last couple of seasons, thanks to the incredible talents of Leo Messi and South African World Cup hero Andrés Iniesta, among other outstanding players.

Every major victory by the team is celebrated in the streets--particularly along the Ramblas, Barcelona’s most well-known thoroughfare—and Barça’s string of victories means that the party never stops.

Finally In Obradoiro

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Finally in Obradoiro

The much-anticipated destination of all weary pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago: Obraoiro Square in the heart of historic Santiago de Compostela. This huge square, bordered on the east side by the Cathedral (in the background), is bound to take your breath away!


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Sagrada Familia

« Mis ideas son de una lógica indiscutible; lo único que me hace dudar es que no hayan sido aplicadas anteriormente » | « My ideas are of indisputable logic; the only thing that makes me doubt is that they haven’t been applied earlier

« La obra de la Sagrada Família va lentamente, porque Mi Cliente no tiene prisa » | « The work of the Holy Family is going slowly, because My Client is in no hurry

Antoni Gaudí , architect of the Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family)


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