Living it up: Ceili reflects on her gap year with El Casal

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 Cadaqués, en la Costa Brava

Living it up: Ceili reflects on her gap year with El Casal

I was in Barcelona with El Casal in the Winter/Spring of 2015.  Barcelona became more beautiful as we were there because flowers started to bloom along with the trees. This was a highlight for me because that was the first time I had spent more than a weekend in a large city.

 Although Barcelona is large, the metro is an easy and functional way around (a lot more functional than my snap decision to purchase rollerblades. I don't know how to rollerblade).  I really enjoyed trying to find local events. If you think there isn't something going on, you're wrong.  Barcelona is full of activities and I was constantly asking my host mom what was going on.  While I was there, we went to the Barcelona tennis open, a soccer game, the Indian Holi festival, masses in the Sagrada Familia and many other random things.  Going to the calçots restaurant was one of my best memories.  It was such a nice walk, great food and a beautiful day.  Although Barcelona is a wonderful and beautiful city with so much to do, I do recommend exploring other places in Spain or even Europe because Barcelona is so unique. It’s very different from some other parts of Spain, so it’s fun to get out and explore some more areas. We went to some nearby places such as Sitges, Alcanar and Cadaqués separate from El Casal and then went to Madrid, Girona and did the Camino De Santiago with El Casal. Each place was different and so beautiful.  Spain is an awesome country and I really enjoyed the time I spent there.