Our Families

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All of the El Casal participants live with host families in Barcelona.  Does that idea seem sketchy to you?  Do you think it'd be awkward living with strangers who speak a language different from your own?  Don't worry! You'll realize very quickly that our host families are warm and welcoming and that they understand the challenges you are facing as you adapt to a new culture.  They're an excellent resource for involvement in the local community. They'll keep you up to speed on what's going on in the country and in your particular neighborhood.  And as far as improving your Spanish is concerned,  all of our students agree that living with a host family was key to becoming confident and fluent.

Here's what Pauline from San Francisco had to say had to say about her family:

"They always treated me well and often went beyond the call of duty, like taking me to their vacation home on the Costa Brava and taking care of me when I was sick.  Also, I think talking with them was th single biggest factor in improving my Spanish."

And Hank from Boston had this to say:

"I love Pablo, Sofia, Carlota, and Lucia.  I had such an amaziing time with them. I'm so fortunate to have a family that feels like my own family. We interacted a lot, but they also gave me my space..."