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El Casal turns 10: reflections by our first students

I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I participated in El Casal! I feel like my adventures in Spain somehow make their way into so many of my daily conversations with people now. I catch myself saying, "When I was in Spain during my gap year..." so often…

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Blair’s «Day in the life of an El Casal student»

Read about a typical day in the life of Blair, El Casal 2006 First of all, it is an experience in itself to wake up in Barcelona. If you are a suburban kid like me, the morning sounds of a city, especially a vibrant, cosmopolitan, Mediterranean city like this one,…

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Developing cross-cultural understanding

Not everything about a gap year is programmed –thank goodness! Part of the excitement of living abroad is “seizing the day”, taking advantage of the unique or unexpected opportunities that arise for developing cross-cultural understanding. Last fall, El Casal participants Pauline and Alex went on a national radio program to…

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