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El Casal Facilitates Cultural Exchanges

El Casal facilitates cultural exchanges

What’s a gap year in Spain all about? Well, among other things, it’s a “cultural exchange”. People here will greet you with open arms and their typical Mediterranean hospitality. They sincerely want to share their culture with you and make you feel at home! You have something to give them as well: an opportunity to see and to understand your culture through your interaction with them. Spaniards suspect that news reports, movies and TV series available to them here may not be giving them an accurate or a complete picture of the American society. That’s where you come in!

You can give your host country an invaluable inside look at our traditions, our politics, our educational system and many other aspects of the “American way of life”.

School-to-school exchanges

One way that El Casal facilitates cultural exchanges is through school-to-school exchanges in the local area. Basically, the El Casal students spend a day at a Spanish school, visiting classes, participating in debates and discussions… and socializing! Another day, a group of kids from the Spanish school come to El Casal to learn about what we do here… and to socialize! Here are some snapshots from some of our most recent exchanges.


Costa i LLobera school visits El Casal.


El Casal guys laugh it up in class at Sant Ignasi school.


Grade-schoolers score a goal on El Casal, Sant Ignasi school.

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